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Education is a multipurpose process, which not only inculcate social, economic and cultural awareness in humanity, but is also an important medium for grasping and promoting life enhancing values among human beings .It awakens the potential among people so that they are able to reconginse turth,beauty and goodness. Value Education propels mind and soul towards achieving equilibrium which enhances the personality and promotes mental and spiritiual strength as well as clarity and resolution in one's aims. Actually, education is an ever contiunung and open ended process and its ture objective is to civilize humankind. Keeping these objective in mind, the department has made tremendous progress in the field of education. Primary education has been made compulsary in the state. To encourage the education of the girl child, it is being provided free of cost, at all levels with the purpose of bushering qualitative reforms in education. The decision to bring an end to the practise of cheating during examinations, prevalent among students and that of taking tutions by the teacher is a milestone with the objective of providing an exposure to the latest teaching skills to the teacher, extensive training programmes have been ogranized. In the future they would be further strengthened. In addition to these significant steps in the field of education.
"Let us respect others belonging to other regions as we respect our own." 
Can anyone give us the right definition of the most ardent exponents of the term differ on its meaning. In fact their zeal to institute the regional imbalance in the polity has pushed the term so far away from reality that today it has come to the more of mirage than an accepted norm. We do not have to go far to find an answer. Education needed to structure a united nation with common goals and ideals while preserving the diverse identities in regionalism, but the question is can we succeed? Yes, a too, and the virus of regionalism can be plugged. Each individual has to be educated. Nation is placed at No-1, then comes people belonging to other regions. We learn regional imbalance through tolerance. One should not forget how tolerance could be learnt, that is through education.
For heterogeneous, multi regional, multi caste, multi racial, multi language country like ours it is only through a system, which can provide a regional able sharing of all important constituents of the society, that progress can be feasible.
In our Education System, special steps need to be taken to until in the young people a feeling of communal amity and love towards regional imbalancing.
Thoughts and teachings of the great prophet and savants decrying enmity between communities, castles etc. should be taught to the students from the early age.
The NCC should made compulsory in all high school and utilized imaginatively to make students belonging to different communities and religion to camp work together and appreciate the value of discipline. Special audio- visual programmes should be arranged for the youths.
According to Mannheim Education means,  " Fostering the free development of the person through the unhampered unfolding of his or her innate qualities." 
Quality Education should consist of training the intelligence, widening the mind and enlarging its interest and teaching the technique on which modern civilization is based. Education demands discipline of reasoning and discipline of emotions. This discipline should help us to rise in society and focus our creative instincts. While living in society it is essential that man should try to adjust himself within the social code. Socially mal-adjusted people create problems for the society in general. Though everybody knows the XYZ of everything, nobody knows the ABC of anything. Education should produce better human beings rather than articians and technicians.
After the Independence the Government should have overhauled the much-condemned British system, since it would have been easier to reform, as there were limited number of institutions. But at that time there were Democratic Obligations and the pattern of education was expanded horizontally within the existing pattern. 
Today even a minor reform involves the hundreds of institutions, thousands of teachers and millions of students. What we need is quality control done in a democratic way.  Students, point of view has never been presented - however appeasement of students should not be the norm. The teachers should themselves evolve the pattern of reforms. This is possible if autonomy is granted. For healthy and true competition the attitude of the teachers should be changed teachers should not overly focus on exam results alone. Education should not be a toy in the hands of planners and there should not be any kind of dictatorial bulldozing at the cost of systematic planning .
"Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man", says Bacon, they constitute the shade of the total impression, which can be called Education. Education no doubt is a no profit motive. It makes awaking of intelligence, widening the mind, enlarging its interest and teaching the technique on which modern civilization is based. It is clearly a discipline of emotion a discipline of reason & person who is guided by emotions and not by reasons is nothing more than an animal, where as purely rational person is nothing less than a thinking machine.
One Important task of education is to produce men integrated with their environment. What sculpture is to a piece of marble; education is to the soul.
In society man is governed by thinking, feeling and action called Tradition, which is social experience and only education can give the awareness of the tradition. Education is a qualitative character without which ones life is purpose less because without human character civilization cannot exist Education helps us in rise in society. Society bridges the gulf between power and wisdom. Education does not merely make us to live but to live, a better life with good morals and values. Quality is literacy not education.
According to Alberuni, who came to India in the opening years of the present millenium, "Indians prefered to shut themselves from the world, and even within their country, their concern was confined to their respective regions".
A boundary prespective was conspicuous by its absence. India opened its eyes to the world in the real sense. In the mid nineteenth century when education in the country was sought to be organised through varoius Departments of Education, Pursuant to the Woods Despatch of 1854. thence, education has played a pivotal role in galvanising the society and making the outlook of the nation radical. The Department of Education in independent India, has persistently strived to organise and design the educational process in such a way that it has not only contributed to national consciousness, but has also brought the nation in tune with the contemporary global scenario. 
An effort is consistently being made to improve the curriculum and syllabi in a manner so as to purge the minds of the students of all orthodoxy and to bring in modern ideas based on recent scientific and sociological research. The department has tried to incorporate the study of the composite culture of India, India's relations with other nations of the world, international institutions UNO, IMF, World Bank, WTO etc. Which would stand the generation in good steady in developing and all - encompassing outlook. Technical and vocational courses have been modeled on internationally accepted lines as a result of which, Indian Scientists and Technical Brains have gained global recognition. The department also attempt at harnessing other Tools like Educational Tours, Intricate Seminars, Workshops etc. Which serve the purpose of knitting the nation together, in addition to providing information. Thus the Education Department has provided youngman's service in bringing the nation to the fore front of the global map.
"Educational institutes play pivotal role in character development of the students"
The student’s mind is clean and blank at the initial stage and follows the teacher in Toto. So, the education imparted should help in their healthy growth and provide objective thinking skills so as to face life.
In the early stages of education, the student’s mind is completely in the learning mode and whatever habits/manners, he observes in the school, he imbibes them.
Teachers are always a source of inspiration to the students and they act according to the advice of the teachers. Moreover, the teacher's influence on the students is as much if not more as compared to the influence of the parents on them. It is the knowledge imparted by the teachers, which would mould the character of the student to a great extent.
The students follow the examples set by their teachers as they have faith in them. A healthy and proper atmosphere in the Educational Institutions helps to develop personality and behaviour of the students.
Education is like a lamp, which enlightens the students. It helps them to differentiate between good and bad. It gives them clarity of thought and understanding ultimately developing their character. 
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