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Britannica For You


If the sight of hardbound leather volumes running into endless series kept you away from accessing this rich storehouse of knowledge, revel in the ease of searching for just about everything, for free.

My Picture Dictionary


Tired consulting those boring dictionaries? Stop grumbling. Your own picture dictionary with over 1700 illustrated.

Encarta Encyclopaedia


Microsoft's Encarta encyclopaedia, with over 16,000 reference articles, seeks to rival Britannica. Search for any topic under any subject - technology, art and literature, history, sports, religion, philosophy and more.

The Virtual Library


The oldest catalogue of the Web, hosts some terrific links to subjects as varied as Education, Science, Agriculture, Humanities, and Computer Science, among others.

How Volcanoes Work


San Diego State University and NASA provide comprehensive information on volcanic eruptions with illustrative diagrams and photos.

Healthy Tips 


Enter the world of health and fitness. Use the various tools on the site to check your weight, calculate sleep, any ailments, and more. It is named after Dr C Everett Koop, former US Surgeon General.

Compton's Encyclopaedia


Compton's Encyclopaedia Online gives you a wonderful opportunity to search for flags, pictures, maps along with interesting articles.

Internet Public Library


Internet Public Library addresses both teens and the larger group of youth.

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